Library Copyright Training – 19 Feb 2015 – 6.5hr

These two workshops, Copyright Essentials and Copyright Extended, organised by Australian Libraries Copyright Committee (ALCC) were held at the State Library of Victoria and presented by Trish Hepworth who was Executive Officer Australian Digital Alliance and Executive Officer of ALCC at the time. The Copyright Essentials workshop provided an understanding of what copyright is and how it intersects with library services. The Copyright Extended workshop provided an overview of open licencing, using big platforms like Flickr and YouTube and the current reform agenda.

The reason for attending these workshops was to gain a better understanding of copyright responsibilities and implications for libraries. Copyright is touched upon in several of the subjects I have undertaken, however I was not confident in my knowledge of the area and there is no specific subject offered in the BIS course. In addition copyright was highlighted as an area of importance for new graduates to be aware of at the 2014 Let’s Talk event.

I now have a much better understanding of copyright as it applies to libraries (and blogged about it!). Previously my knowledge was mostly limited to the fair use exceptions for studying however now I am aware of other specific sections of the copyright act and what they mean for libraries. The sessions really highlighted the outdated nature of copyright in Australia and how libraries could benefit from copyright reform.

In the current media environment of Creative Commons, MOOCs and mash-ups copyright is so important to understand. A better understanding and some of the real-world examples discussed during the workshops have made me more confident in my knowledge of the area, I feel this knowledge can be applied across all types of libraries and will be an asset when it is job seeking time.

Copyright essentials ticket

Copyright extended ticket

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