Mendeley Certification for Librarians – Sept 2016 – 10hr

This self-paced program is run by Mendeley, it is aimed at academic librarians and introduces them to the Mendeley reference management software. It focuses on developing advanced Mendeley skills to become proficient in its use and confident to run classes for students and academics. It is run as an online short course, with course materials and three assessments. My institution promotes the use of Mendeley to both academics and students, all library staff (not just the qualified librarians) were encouraged to complete this course to better assist library patrons with their Mendeley needs.

Referencing and using Mendeley are some of the main non-reference enquiries received at the library desk. I was already aware of the most basic features of Mendeley and the general benefits of using reference management software and hoped to learn more advanced skills using additional features of Mendeley so that I could be more confident in promoting its use and troubleshooting problems with students.

After completing the training I am now proficient in some of the more advanced features such as watched folders, automatic file naming as well as Mendeley groups. I can now more confidently troubleshoot student problems with the program as well as demonstrate to them ways to improve workflow efficiency using Mendeley. I have also switched from Endnote to Mendeley for my own personal use and this has improved my own reference management for my studies.

Mendeley Certificate